Virus Hook

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Virus Hook does NOT diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent an illness or condition.


It does provide a handy way of interacting with your environment without physically touching stuff.

We don't like touching stuff. You shouldn't either.



Door Handles

Everyone touches door handles, but you don't have to.



Keypads, Light Switches, Elevators, Gas Pumps. Buttons are everywhere. You don't need to touch them either.



Door Knobs

The hook wedges onto your typical door knob, allowing you to turn it without skin-on-knob contact.

Since knobs come in all shapes and sizes, we found that we could easily turn about half of the ones we came across.



No-Touch Clip

The Virus Hook has a convenient belt-clip built right in. Clip it to your belt, waist band, or the bottom corner of your pocket.



Simply grab the hook by the top loop when you need it (opposite of the business end).




You can use your Virus Hook to open a well-deserved beer (after a thorough washing with soap).

That way it can continue to serve you well for years to come.




Virus Hooks will be manufactured at Sargent Research, LLC.



They say necessity is the mother of invention. We designed the Virus Hook to be manufactured fast and efficiently,

so we can get them into the hands of people everywhere as fast as possible. Time is of the essence!

Why Copper?

A report from the NIH (National Institute of Health), which came out last week:

And this journal article, referenced in the report above: